Introducing the Alchemy All Access Program

Alchemy All Access gives you and your athlete the opportunity to come into the facility when it works for your schedule! Think of it as Open Dome, but with a boat load of space and hours available.

How Does it work?

Step 1: Sign Up for an Unlimited Month to Month Membership @ $39/month or drop in at $10/visit per person at the door.

Step 2: Check out our daily AAA Schedule (below)

Step 3: Come in, Have Fun, Get Better!

AAA Hours:

Mon-Fri: 3-11pm

Sat/Sun: 9am-11pm

*Space during the above hours may vary, please ask to subscribe to our Team Snap Page for updated space availability.

*Program is Open for: Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball & Softball (no hitting), football, running/fitness, Rugby, Ultimate, or just all around play!