Q: What makes Alchemy D.S.C. different than other youth soccer clubs?

The Alchemy Differential!


Q: Where is the club home for training and games?

The Alchemy Sports Complex in Long Lake, 11-aside field TBA for Spring 2017.


Q: How many teams in the club, how many players per team?

The Alchemy Club Structure


Q: What league will Alchemy D.S.C. play in?

Junior Academy: US Club Leagues

Academy: ID Tourneys & TBA


Q: Which tournaments?

August 19-21: Sporting Kansas City Affiliate Tournament

Winter: Somewhere Warm TBA!

Spring: Somewhere Warm TBA!

Summer: USA Cup


Q: What is the training schedule?

Alchemy Schedule & Pricing


Q: What is the club cost per year?

Alchemy Schedule & Pricing


Q: What is the long term goal of the club? 

The Alchemy Vision


Q: Can players play multiple Sports?

Yes, we will look for players to make 50% of the winter training at minimum and 75% of the sessions while in the spring/fall seasons.  If players have training conflicts with other sports there will be some options for other training.  That being said if players consistently miss sessions for other sports this lack of training will accrue over time and be evident when we get into competition play. 


Q: Can players play high school soccer?

Yes, Players playing high school soccer will be on a 9 month membership scheme.  Their club season with Alchemy will be November-August.


Q: Can players play up an age group?

Yes, if it is in the best interest of a players development we will play them up to their appropriate "soccer age".  In theory we will look to play 10-15% of players up an age group per season. This will be done on a case by case basis as each players development will be different.


Q: How can I join!?

Fill out our Trialist Form to join the 2016 Free Tryouts!