Alchemy Vision 2020 Report

The Alchemy Commitment

Alchemy is a different kind of soccer club.  We believe in developing the person while developing the player in our holistic approach to player development.  We understand that becoming a good soccer player takes years and years of dedicated training in a professional and fixed environment. 

This will look different than most other youth soccer clubs in Minnesota and possibly in the US.  Our coaching staff does not approach training from the aspect of making teams better, but rather from the view of improving the pieces in order for the whole to improve.  Our aim is for our Alchemy players to move on to reach their soccer goals and dreams.  The Alchemy Staff is here to provide the pathway in order for our players to do so.   

Alchemy IS for you if:

  • You love to play soccer.

  • You want to have fun, work hard, and focus on getting better everyday.

  • Want professional dedicated coaches who aim to make you a better player.

  • Enjoy being challenged daily with players older, younger, of equal and different abilities.

Alchemy is Not for you if:

  • You want to take short cuts in development (win vs. improve)

  • Are looking for the best "deal".

  • Want to be on a super team that plays in super leagues and super tournaments.

  • Want promises on player placements i.e. colleges.

As of January 1, 2018 we will be implementing our Alchemy commitment policy.  The underlining principle of which is the Alchemy coaching staff is making decisions and putting together a program in the best interest of your players growth.  In order to be eligible to play for Alchemy you need to fill the following requirements: 

  • Maintain a "B" 3.0 average in school.

  • Maintain a 60% attendance rate year round for training and matches.

  • Make Alchemy your sole organized soccer training program (pick up soccer with friends is always encouraged!).

Players who are not able to meet the above criteria will lose their roster spots.

A club with a guide young players down the path of player development.  Here at Alchemy we believe that when you develop the player you also develop the person. Read more about the Alchemy Story.


  • Year-Round Developmental Club with goal of preparing players to move on to the collegiate level.

  • 360 Player Development Model focusing on Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological Development.

  • Alchemy Player Progression Plan


  • Single Teams at each age group with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

  • Professional full-time Coaching Staff

  • Club & Player specific curriculum based on seasonal periodization


  • Club will play in competitions that focus on development and can highlight players for higher levels of play.


  • Club Training Center at Alchemy Sports Complex featuring: Indoor Turf Field, Futsal Court, Gym, and Outdoor Grass Field.

  • Scheduling and training flexibility, more options at a single location to fully develop the athlete.