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Introducing your little one to a world of

fun and movement through soccer!

Alchemy Soccer Club is proud to present its Mini Alchemist Soccer Program! With a focus on soccer-centric activities, this is the perfect way to get your little one into the game. Our amazing staff and curriculum focus on balance, coordination, teamwork, and all around fun. Your little soccer rockers are guaranteed to have an amazing time on the field!

In an effort to continuously improve offerings for our members we have re-branded our soccer program for our youngest players to fit in with our larger club model. This will include updated class offerings and a new online registration system. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have as we transition. Check out our class offerings:

Copper (18 months - 24 months) Parent/Child

Soccer balls, bubbles, hula hoops are all things you will find in Coppers. This parent-child class is full of interactive games designed to develop motor skills, listening skills and build your child’s confidence, all while learning soccer and HAVING FUN!

  • Classes are 50 minutes long

  • The ratio for Copper classes is 15:1 with parents on the field

  • Adult participation is required

Mercury (2 years - 3 ½ years) Transitioning Class

Mercury is a transitional class designed for parent participation in the early weeks. As the class progresses, Mini-Alchemists will work independently while parents/guardians watch from the comfort of the sidelines.  Our Mercury classes incorporate fun, high energy games while focusing on ball skills, gross motor skills and the introduction to teamwork.

  • Mercury classes are 50 minutes long

  • The ratio for Mercury classes is 10:1 (20:2) with parents on the field

  • Adult participation is required in the opening weeks ** parents may stay on the field the entire season if needed

Silver (3 years - 4 years) 

Our Silver classes are for the Mini Alchemist that is ready to be fully independent.  With parents watching from the sidelines, children will play interactive games that incorporate teamwork,  field spacing, and ball skills in a fun way. Silver Mini-Alchemists will be introduced to scrimmage during the last few weeks of the season. 

  • Classes are 50 minutes long

  • The ratio for Silver classes is 10:1 

Gold (4 years - 5 years)

The Gold curriculum is tailored to prepare our Mini-Alchemists to enter our Skill Builders program once they are age and skill level appropriate. This class will incorporate ball skills and tactical skills through exciting games that build their confidence, ball control, and teamwork. Gold Mini-Alchemists will scrimmage every week, incorporating the skills they learned in class. 

  • Classes are 50 minutes long

  • The ratio for Gold classes is 12:1 

SuperNova (6 years - 9 years)

Our Super Nova classes are designed for those players that have not played a lot of soccer (if any!) but have expressed an interest in learning the beautiful game in a beginner environment.  SuperNova classes will introduce basic soccer skills, while still keeping it FUN and engaging.  

  •  Classes are 50 minutes long

  • The ratio for SuperNova classes is 12:1