The Alchemy Super 8s Program is your introduction to competitive travel soccer. The 2019 season is open to players born in 2012. Program info:

  • Tryouts: Contact Us for a Free Trial Session

  • Training Schedule: Tues/Thurs 6-7pm @ Alchemy Dome (year round from mid-August)

  • Coaching: Professional Coaching Staff led by Coach Geison Moura.

  • Games: The Super 8s will play at the 8U or 9U Gold Level. They will play 3-5 Tournaments during the fall/spring season and several winter friendly matches.

  • Cost: $69/month

    Club Fee Includes: US Club Pass, Dome/Field Time, Coaching Fees, Fitness Training, Winter Friendly Games.

    Club Fee Does Not Include: Uniforms, Tournament Fees, Travel Costs

  • Differential: The Alchemy Super 8s program differentiates from Skill Builders and Rec programs in that players are trained by professional coaches with an introduction to competition added via tournament play. The training emphasis is on fun, technical acquisition, forming good habits, and improving!

For more information please contact